Are there bathrooms with showers?
Yes, we camp at Mahukona Beach Park. The showers are eco-friendly, heated by the sun. If the water gets too cold or hot, we have solar-heated camp showers that last 5 minutes or so. Water is non-potable, so we don't drink it, but it's good for washing and bathing. We bring plenty of bottled drinking water to quench your thirst. There is also a large covered pavilion, where we do game and card night.


Will I see dolphins and whales?
More than likely yes. If you come during their migration periods and you're lucky, they'll swim right by while you're having your morning coffee or tea. There are some cool spots that we visit sometimes where you may have a chance to swim with them too. It requires a 5am camp departure and a gourmet breakfast burrito on the run.


How close are we to the water?
We live on the water's edge. We don't listen to elevators and ice machines and we can jump in the ocean whenever we want. We have an easy in and out snorkel zone with a ladder - keiki-style as they say. Waves and shooting stars lull us to sleep each night.


Can I charge my phone?
Yes. We have electricity from 6am to 10pm, sometimes longer.


Is there phone coverage at camp?
A short walk up to the lighthouse usually gets you connected to most mobile providers. In case of an emergency, we'll lend you one of our phones. We try to stay as disconnected as possible during our trips, but we understand if you have to send an email or two. It's your time. If you want to spend it working while enjoying a beautiful ocean view, who are we to argue? We do it too!


Can you customize the menu for my dietary needs?
To the degree possible yes. If you don't like something, like onions, let us know. We'll be sure to leave it out for you. However, if you would prefer to get groceries on your own, that's okay too. We're happy to cook it up for you, or you can cook for yourself. We'll provide the wood and some special sauces and spices that are sure to tantalize your tongue.


Do I have to get in the water?
No. If your idea of an adventure is hanging out at the beach or at camp and never getting wet, we completely understand. All activities are optional. However, we think you'll be missing out on a ton of fun if you don't go.


What if I just want to camp with you?
This is your adventure! If you want to train for the Iron Man and just camp with us, go for it! If you'd prefer to take a drive to Hilo or scuba dive instead of joining one of our excursions, more power to you! We can't wait to hear your stories. Just let us know when you'll be eating with us so we can have something ready for you.


Are there bugs?
If you mean slipper and spiny lobsters, yes! We'll teach you how to find and freedive for them at night. We're strictly catch and release on all crabs, octopus and lobsters. But if you go for yummy fish, bring 'em back for a late night snack!


If you mean insects. Yes to that too. Be sure to eat lots of garlic two weeks before your trip if you're prone to bites. Common mosquitoes and flies are worse near the bushes and trees, so we try to stay out in the breezy open areas. Small scorpions and big centipedes like to hide in the fire wood and come out of the rocks sometimes, so we keep a look out and get rid of them pronto. Beautiful butterflies and chirping birds more than make up for these pesky guys.


What type of equipment do you provide?
HCA provides everything you'll need to enjoy an all-inclusive camping experience. Our Eureka Assault Outfitter tents are designed to sleep four, but we sleep two. And our Autumn Wind tent is made for two, but sleeps as a single. Cots, Thermarest® pads, sleeping bags, Beauty Rest® pillows and linens make for a comfy night's sleep. We provide top of the line snorkel gear and night lights as well. Click here for a list of what HCA provides.


Do you setup and take everything down?
Yes. When you arrive to camp you'll be able to move right in. After a brief tour of the grounds and review of our camp rules, all you have to do is, well whatever you want! Weather and water permitting, we'll enjoy our first afternoon snorkel.


What if I break or lose something?
Accidents happen, but if you break or lose something provided by HCA, we ask that you reimburse us for the cost. We provide bags for your snorkel gear and a mini Igloo® cooler to store your drinks and dry goods while enjoying your Big Island adventures.


Where's the nearest hospital?
We hope you don't get hurt or sick, but if something happened that required medical attention, the hospital is about 30 miles from camp.


If I go, will I come back?
That depends. Many people choose to move to Hawaii after visiting the Big Island. But if you mean will you come back if you go in the water, that will depend entirely on you and God. We're here to assess the situation and do our best to help you be safe in and out of the water. Just use your best judgement, you know what you can and can't do.

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