Go camping in Hawaii!

Call today and
reserve your space


$200 per person/night

Be sure to book with us before scheduling
your flight and renting a car.




Come camp and play on the water’s edge!

2 Night Minimum - Call now!

Everything is included!

$200 per person, per night

Or, if you want all the adventure, but none of the camping, we can do that too. $150 per person, per day.


Itinerary open to change based on camper interests and water conditions


Day 1 Make camp - afternoon snorkel
Day 2 Go to the beach - day snorkel, optional night snorkel
Day 3 Go to the beach - snorkel, optional night snorkel
Day 4 Snorkel at Puako, optional night snorkel
Day 5 Green Sands Beach with lunch at South Point
Day 6 Go to the beach - snorkel, optional night snorkel
Day 7 Visit Kona, afternoon swim and optional night snorkel
Day 8 Relaxing day at camp or join us at the Waikoloa Hilton for lunch - poolside
What you’ll need to bring

Your beach and swim wear

Sunglasses and sunscreen

Toothbrush, beach towel, camp clothes, soap, shampoo, etc.

Good walking sandals - we recommend Teva brand, but basically you want to make sure a long Kiawi thorn won't poke you in the foot and make it hard to walk

Light rain jacket - sometimes it does rain, fortunately it doesn't usually last for long

Your favorite mask, snorkel and dive suit or skin. If you don't have any gear, no worries, we'll provide a set for you, along with your freedive flashlights and batteries.

What we provide

Everything you’ll need to have a comfortable camping experience in Hawaii

Eureka Tent and cot

Self-inflating Dreamtime® Thermarest® pad and sheets

Sleeping bag & pillow

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, excluding your first and last night meals. — There are so many restaurants in Kona to choose from, we thought you’d like to explore on your own a couple of nights.

Camp chairs, umbrellas, flashlights and batteries, dishes, utensils and soap! We’ve even got the kitchen sink covered.

Gourmet fare —You’ll enjoy the amazing creations of camp chef Lobster Tony, your camp director and master ocean guide. With a little help from his Crew, you’ll taste and experience international camp food fit for a king (or Queen).

Firewood — chain saw and axes will be involved girls. This is when the guys get out their gas-powered toys and do what they do best - tear things up!

Your favorite non-alcohoilc beverages. We will gladly shop and have your favorite alcoholic drinks waiting for you when you arrive at camp. We’ll ask for your preferences at time of booking. Cost of alcohol not included.

Campground fees - our County campground includes a large pavillion — very handy for riding out occassional rain storms and game night - Texas Hold'em or Scrabble anyone?

Everything you’ll need to have an exciting time in the ocean

Mask, snorkel and fins and dive skins. However, fit is important, so if you have equipment that you like, bring it.

Boogie boards

Day and night guided freedives into safe and beautiful snorkel spots. At night we’re looking especially for spiny and slipper lobster, 7-11 crab and yummy fish. Except for fish (Tony will help you recognize), we’re stictly catch and release. Octupus are one of Stephenie’s favorite discoveries, as are manta rays and turtles. What are you looking for?

Your Guides

Lobster Tony
Camp Leader and Master Camp Chef, Lobster Tony has been freediving, spearfishing and lobster diving around the Hawaiian islands for over 20 years - 14 plus in Kona. He knows the water and how to get you into and out of it safely. With over 1000 solo night dives and even more day dives, he knows both the water and the reef. His adventure stories are half the reason people come out to camp with us. There's nothing like a heart-pumping encounter with marine wildlife. Tony teaches people how to safely enjoy the waters along the beaches of Hawaii while hunting for ocean treasures.

Tony's camp cuisine is second to none. People who have enjoyed his food can't wait for the next meal. And seconds are a given. Camp food has never been so tasty and gourmet.

Sea Diva Stephenie
Your hostess for the week, Sea Diva Stephenie is responsible for making sure you get the most from your Hawaii Camping Adventure. She's your activity coordinator, camp su chef, and fellow freediver.


Camping has never been so much fun!

Eureka Assault Outfitter -2 Person tent

Eureka Autumn Wind 3XD - 1 person tent
















Lobster Tony

Sea Diva Stephenie
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