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Dec 24

Written by: Stephenie
Friday, December 24, 2010 

Gretchen and Mike Harding left their home in the Bay Area, CA and arrived to Kona for their first night in Kona. Unbeknownst to Mike, Gretchen had planned an anniversary trip that would meet her desire to relax and enjoy some good reading on the beach while her husband had a Warrior Camp adventure. Every year the couple takes turns planning where they will go on vacation to celebrate their wedding anniversary. This year it was Gretchen's turn.

Gretchen was able to keep the secret of their vacation plans from Mike until the following morning. When she told Mike he was going camping in Hawaii and Warrior Camp at that, he couldn't wait. He wasted no time getting into his swim trunks. But first things first, HCA needed to feed its guests some breakfast. So while the guys whipped up a scrumptious meal, Mike took Gretchen on a stroll along the beach, coffee in hand.

After breakfast we made our way to base camp where Mike and Gretchen settled into their tent and enjoyed a tour of our campgrounds at Mahukona. After confirming that we did indeed have bathrooms with showers, the couple took off for another walk around the area. Then it was time for our first day snorkel. And what a beautiful day it was. The sun was shining, the water was glimmering, and wouldn't you know it, Tony spotted a treasure 40 feet below - a beautiful Hawaiian trumpet conch shell, which he excitedly presented to Mike and Gretchen as an anniversary present.

The evening proved lovely, and in spite of a light wind, we all stayed warm and cozy around a blazing Kiawi fire. After a long day, what could be better than retiring to your tent for a comfortable night's sleep on your cot, Thermarest pad, sleeping bag and fluffy pillow? Nothing. Sheer bliss!

The next day we took the celebrating couple to Hapuna beach for some fun in the sun. Tony had already started getting Mike familiar with his three-prong spear, and after a short swim out to the secret caves, they came back with - you guessed it - fish dinner! Who knew a corporate guy could be such a fast learner? Shedding his suit and tie, Mike made a great warrior that day, and the ladies ate good that night.

But the adventure was not over yet. At 4 a.m. the boys got in the water and once again Mike proved he's got warrior blood in his veins. You have to understand that most people don't even attempt to freedive, so when Mike came back to camp with his story of catching a lobster, we were surprised. You see, not only is it hard to dive the necessary 25-40 feet and grab them, they're hard to find. Mike's got the bug as we say!

Our last day with Mike and Gretchen was spent at a wonderful spot that we call Twin Beaches. The weather was mild and the water was perfect. The ladies enjoyed a short snorkel where we saw lots of big, colorful Hawaiian fish, while the boys went past the breakers in search of more game. While no fish were banged, we still enjoyed a delicious lunch of burgers and fries on the beach.

Then it was time to bid our friends a safe journey home. But Mike and Gretchen weren't done with their adventure yet. Opting to stay in Hilo their last night instead of Kona, they enjoyed a day at the volcano, seeing for themselves this powerful and amazing natural wonder.

Our next trip is a Family Camp - July 8 - 15, 2010. Come camp and play with HCA! Choose a 5 or 8 night adventure - Book Now. Space is limited to 12 campers, 10 and older.




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