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Hawaii Camping Adventures Itinerary

Day 1  Night in Kona, hotel room & breakfast included. Take a drive up and down the Kona coast-line. Visit downtown, sample some Kona coffee and pickup anything you might have forgotten - like a water proof camera.

Day 2  Arrive at camp and enjoy a guided free dive and enjoy getting to know your camp mates around the fire

Day 3  Let's hit the beach, eat like kings and queens and do a night free dive

Day 4  Enjoy an outing of your choice. Looking for a guided kayak tour, 1/2 day scuba diving or other like activity?. Swimming with dolphins is an option. You'll just have to get up real early and take a long drive with us. We'll ask you what you like to do at time of booking.

Day 5  We're off for a swim at Twin Beaches - bring your mask and fins. Our 5 night guests return to their hotel after lunch. Breakfast is included. 

Guests who will be heading out on a red eye the next day and want to visit the volcano can request a room in Hilo instead. With camp a couple hours away and Saddle Road nearby, it's an easy drive for a look around Hilo. 

Day 6 - 8 are recommended for guests who enjoy more extreme and rigorous ocean activities.

Day 6  Visit Green Sand Beach and enjoy lunch overlooking South Point

Day 7  Lunch at the End of the World and an afternoon free dive

Day 8  Enjoy day at camp or join us at the Waikoloa Hilton for lunch, poolside. Return to hotel, and spend the rest of your time in town. Breakfast is included.

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